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Apple Reveals Plan For New Products That Will Attract Kids

As a way of attracting schools, colleges and students, Apple is planning on releasing a lower priced iPad that’ll be introduced in Chicago at an event at Lane Tech College Prep High School.

At the school, Apple will film a one hour special for CNBC featuring Tim Cook, their CEO, and their plans for the future. The special titled, “Revolution: Apple Changing the World,” will air on April 6 and it’ll let the world know that Apple plans to invest in the future of schools and kids around the US.

This is a good thing for Apple, who, according to USAToday, is very behind when it comes to schools and students. Google, with their Chromebook laptops, is currently on top of the education market with a 59 percent market share. Windows follows behind with 25 percent, and Apple comes in third with 10 percent of shares.

Out of all the Apple products, the ones that students use most are iPads, which are the most convenient. The tablets are large enough to work on, lighter and much less expensive than Mac laptops.

The real issue here is product prices. Everyone loves iPads, but the cheapest one you can purchase costs 329$ and it doesn’t include a pen, a keyboard, or any form of protection. For that amount of money you could buy a Chromebook laptop that, even though is a little heavier and maybe a little clunkier, does the job just fine.

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