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Conan Shares His Post-Election Optimism: “In America We Get To Pick Who Will Ruin Our Country”

On his TBS show last night, Conan O’Brien attempted to offer some hope to his audience the day after a shocking election that has essentially torn the country apart. Among other things, the host spoke about the optimism free elections inspire in him, quoted Winston Churchill, and ended the mostly-joke free monologue by bringing out an extremely tall dachshund.

“We’ve all been through the ringer these past few days,” he said. “And today is a really strange day. Half of the country is really happy today, and half of the country is somewhere between despondent and furious. You may not know this about me—I’m a history buff, I love American history. And I was struck by one thought today: We have been here before. We’ve had bitter, angry elections for 200 years, whether it was Jefferson vs Burr, Adams vs Jackson, Lincoln vs Douglas, Alien Vs. Predator. I threw that in, I’m trying to keep it light! The point is, this is our thing. The optimist in my today chooses to be happy that we have fair and free elections at all. I think it’s an amazing thing. I mean that will all of my heart. In the past few years I’ve travelled to several countries where people would give anything to have our system. In America, we get to pick who will ruin our country. It’s up to us. We get to choose. It’s a privilege.”

Watch the full video below.

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