Friday, August 12, 2022

Contestants From ‘The Bachelor: Vietnam’ Dump Bachelor For Each Other

Unscripted reality TV shows are known for their scheming producers who manipulate all sorts of variables until they concoct the most entertaining show they can manage. But no one could have predicted a twist like the one from “The Bachelor: Vietnam”, which went viral and sparked a conversation among the LGBTQ community the minute it was uploaded online during the past week.

In the clip, contestant Mihn Thu declares her love for Truc Nhu, another fellow contestant. In an awkward and earnest declaration, Mihn Thu cries and begs for Truc Nhu to come home with her, while the titular bachelor of the show and the other female contestants watch on with their mouths gaping. Both women walked off-screen together, a view that had never been explored in all of the different “Bachelor” programs throughout the world.

“I almost had a heart attack behind the monitor. I’ve watched the show for years, and I didn’t even know you could give back a rose once you’d accepted it!” producer Anh-Thu Nguyen told Vulture, claiming that the moment was completely genuine and that not even the other participants saw it coming.

For devoted fans of “The Bachelor,” this means that maybe the show isn’t as dumb as we all thought it was. “It’s such a brave, courageous thing, that these two women made this powerful gesture,” continues Nguyen, highlighting how important visibility is for LGBTQ people in Vietnam. “To see a moment that’s unequivocal, where someone is saying that they love someone else … I think it’s going to be very powerful for young people.”


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