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Diddy Changed His Name Again Because Life Has No Rules

UPDATE 11/7/17: Just kidding. Diddy decided not to change his name after the social media made numerous jokes on his behalf. Watch his full explanation below.

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Allow him to reintroduce himself…for the hundredth time. That’s because hip hop mogul and sometimes rapper Diddy changed his name again because you—yes, you reading this story—needed it.

Look, Diddy is a chief example of living life however you want, whenever you want. Thanks to an aggressively-minded business acumen and an ability to out-shameless plug even a Z-list Instagram model, the hip hop mogul muscled his career into existence like few others can rival.

Throughout his life, people called him by his nickname Puffy. Naturally he took on the stage name of Puff Daddy when he started his music career. But then in 2001, he changed his name from Puff Daddy to P Diddy, then dropped the P in 2005, going by simply, “Diddy.” His Twitter name, by the way? Sean Diddy Combs. Now that’s a man of consistency.

Anyways, for his 48th birthday the artist formerly known as Diddy decided to change his name again. Now you can call him Brother Love.

“I have some very serious, serious news. I’ve been praying on this and I decided. I know it’s risky because I knew it could come off as corny to some people … like yo, I decided to change my name again,” he said in a social media video. “I am just not who I am before. I’m something different. So my new name is Love a.k.a Brother Love.”

Call him Love or Brother Love, he further explained, just not Diddy. Which is strange because his Twitter handle, and Instagram handle, and probably three of his award plaques say Diddy so…awkward.


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