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Do Beauty Pillows And Pillowcases Improve Your Skin

There’s all sorts of products that claim to make your skin healthier and more beautiful. Of course, they all come with ranging degrees of believability.

While it’s hard to believe in a miracle cure that claims to fix all of your skin imperfections, there are some products that are supported by science and that, when used regularly, really improve your skin’s health. Does this belief extend itself to special pillows and pillowcases that claim to benefit your skin and to take your beauty sleep to the next level? spoke to several dermatologists on the matter, where they discussed all sorts of pillow and pillowcase products and detailed their level of helpfulness. Some do the trick, others are just expensive.

Silk pillowcases

These pillowcases, unlike the ones made of cotton and linen, are supposed to glide over your face and reduce the pulling and friction that causes wrinkles on your skin. “I can see how sleeping on silk may rub against the skin with less friction, although I’m not sure that this makes any significant difference with long-term wrinkle prevention,” says Julia Tzu, founder of Wall Street Dermatology.

Still, Tzu believes that these pillowcases can help those who sleep on their side, easing the friction on their faces. They’re also great for people’s hair. Candida Lawson, skin therapist at Heyday facial shop believes that silk pillowcases help prevent hair breakage and make your blowouts last longer.

While pricey, silk pillowcases feel really good against your skin and make it feel soft and smooth the next morning. The results may be temporary, but you might get better sleep out of it, which in turn affects your overall health. Prices range from sort of cheap, to pricey for a pillowcase.

Pillowcases for acne

While there are no magic pillowcases and pillows that will prevent your face from breaking out, sleeping on your back can help you keep your face off the pillow and avoid wrinkles and spreading your natural oiliness.

There are several pillows on the market which can help you stay on your back comfortably, changing your sleeping habits and taking care of your skin in the long term. You can find some of these on Amazon and Dermstore.

Sateen sheets

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Even though there is no scientific research that supports that sateen sheets and pillowcases make your skin healthier, Patricia Wexler from Wexler Dermatology claims that everyone who uses sateen sheets knows that their skin is much smoother in the morning. “You wake up with fresher-looking hair and skin, and you get a better night’s sleep,” she told

Her favorites are from Calvin Klein, which you can purchase here.

Detergent for pillowcases

Some dermatologists believe that gentle detergents for babies can help your skin stay healthier. Ivory Snow for babies is free of harsh chemicals that can latch onto your skin and cause irritations. Tzu also suggests to avoid using Fabric softeners, which contain chemicals and fragrances that can irritate and harm your skin.

Washing your pillowcases weekly with hypoallergenic detergent and hot water can also help prevent the spreading of bacteria and the damage it can cause your skin.


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