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This Guy’s Tipping Method Is Going Viral Because He’s A Jackass

The internet is about to flip over its collective table after hearing the story of a guy who took his wife out to dinner and completely demeaned their server for a whopping $5 tip.

He was just having fun, but the way he tells it, it sounds way more like harassment. And people are not letting that slide.

Here’s what happened, according to his Facebook post.

The clueless diner began by setting the scene: He was taking “the wife” out to dinner and the two of them had talked about experimenting with a bizarre tipping method in which he lays down five one-dollar bills and takes one away every time the server “messes up” (whatever that means). The amount left standing on the table after dinner is how much the lucky server is ultimately tipped. (By the way, it doesn’t mention anything in his post about actually adding money to the pot, just subtracting it.)

“Don’t say anything to them,” he wrote. “You will receive the best service of your life.”

Best service of your life…for five bucks. Sure.

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He goes on to say that the “waitress” kept looking at the money “as if she was confused.” But hang on, the little lady must have done something right (like not beating the crap out of this a-hole), because she earned every single dollar on that table, even though the dude took away a dollar at one point because she forgot to bring some bread. “But she bounced back and gave us extra.”

We’re guessing the server actually earned about 20 times the amount she received.

The sadist ended his rambling by saying, “Haha all in all a great evening with my love and a good dinner experiment we both wanted to see play out. Try it, you will be surprised!”

Needless to say, social media had a field day with this disrespectful dumbass after his Facebook post was tweeted by Atlanta newscaster Mark Arum, who was himself a former waiter.

As The Daily Meal  points out, this ridiculous tipping method isn’t new. It even garnered a nod from Third Rock From the Sun (even Dick’s pile of cash had the potential to accumulate), but to hear about this playing out in real life? That’s a twisted version of The Hunger Games nobody wants to be the target of.



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