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You Need To See This 2009 Meghan Markle Tostitos Commercial

Nearly a decade go, before “Suits” and around the same time as her briefcase model stint for “Deal or No Deal”, and about eight years before she got engaged to royalty, Meghan Markle was in a Tostitos commercial.

The fine folks over at MarieClaire.com unearthed this video gold starring Markle as a woman picking up some snacks for a party in which she invited someone named Denise, who may or may not bring an unsavory character named Gary. “Ugh, Gary…with his short shorts” Markle thinks to herself while standing in the chip aisle— the voice over work clearly done by someone else—debating between Tostitos and a bag of chips that has a laundry list of ingredients.

Thirteen ingredients?” Markle says to herself. “That’s more people than I invited to the party.”

So many questions left unanswered, like: What’s the party for? What’s the deal with Gary? And why is there no alcohol in that cart? Does Gary get creepy if he drinks?

Watch the commercial for yourself. Also, Markle looks exactly the same, right?


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