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Experts Predict Apple Music Will Destroy Spotify By Summer

The gap between Spotify and Apple Music might be closing. At the beginning of 2018, Spotify reported more than 70 million paid subscribers—that’s 40 million more than its competitor reported last September.

But according to The Wall Street Journal, Apple Music is increasing in subscribers at an impressive rate: five percent each month compared to Spotify’s two percent. They predict that by summer, Apple Music will have more paid subscribers in the US than Spotify.

While Spotify remains ahead globally, this is still an impressive feat for Apple Music, a service that a short while ago wasn’t considered much competition for the Swedish company. There have been tons of rumors surrounding Apple and their evolving music model, with many sources claiming that they’ll drop iTunes completely so that they can focus on improving their streaming services.

And it’s a change that Apple will need to conform to if they want to compete in the market, considering that in recent years, streaming has become the main source of music for people. The Verge reports that streaming makes up a whopping 62 percent of the industry’s revenue.

This steady increase in Apple Music users is due to the amount of people who own Apple devices. Apple Music comes preinstalled in all of these items, including phones, laptops, and other hardware. You can expect Apple Music to rise for as long as the company keeps selling products. And with those amazing ads and their incredible influence, we don’t see that ending any time soon.


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