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New Apple OS Will Allow Users To Turn Off iPhone Slowdowns

Apple plans to release the long-awaited iOS11.3 in the spring, which will feature a toggle that’ll allow users to turn off the software responsible for slowing down iPhone’s performance.

Apple fans have high expectations for the new OS and hopes it fixes issues brought about when the company admitted that they’d been slowing down older iPhones as a way of preserving battery life.

Via Learning English:

“We have never – and would never – do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product, or degrade the user experience to drive customer upgrades.”

Even though the slowdowns were suspected by users for a long time, the confirmation sparked outrage and lawsuits. Apple was criticized for deciding to slow down the phones before informing their customers about the devices’ power issues.

According to Bloomberg, the Department of Justice got involved, checking if the company actually broke any laws by keeping this information to themselves.

Following these events, Apple has been looking for ways to make amends by lowering their prices for battery replacements and presenting new features that’ll fix the phone’s problems. With this software update they’ll also add a tool that informs you of the phone’s battery health and let you know when it’ll need service.

While the controversy is still ongoing, Apple has demonstrated no signs of slowing down, advertising their Animojis for the iPhone X. These ads have been extremely successful, even popping up during programs such as the Grammys.


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