Thursday, June 20, 2024

Has Everyone Gone Croc Crazy

From the shoes everyone loved to hate to now the Insta darling of brands – Crocs are again having a moment

When they first appeared, the reviews were scathing, and yet, people bought them.  Popping up on thousands of feet, jokes were everywhere and a site called I Hate Crocs was started.  But sales continued to climb.  While being a sneaker head is fashion thing, social media asks has everyone gone Croc crazy?

When Crocs debuted in 2002, there was nothing like the Danish clog meets boating shoes  meets rubber foam material – and people hated them. They defied the mainstream fashion styles of the early 2000s like the Vans or Converse canvas sneakers. Skaters, surfers, and musicians were setting a tone which the floatable shoe was not part. Seen as low brow and ugly, high fashion and wanna-be fashionista sshunned them. Early on, they launched the “Ugly Can Be Beautiful” campaign, the first national advertising campaign for the Crocs brand. Since then, sales have done well.

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Now the shoe and online world are colliding with opinions around Croc’s latest moves. Bringing out a former, beloved McDonaldland member, McDonalds is having its Grimace moment. McDonald’s characters, specifically Grimace, had a resurgence in popularity when the purple icon celebrated his birthday in June. The brand released a purple milkshake as part of the celebratory Grimace Birthday Meal. People couldn’t get enough of the purple sweetness and couldn’t quite figure out exactly what is Grimace. Now the purple “thing” is becoming a Croc!

But wait, there is more, McDonald’s has rolled out a mini array of characters of Birdie, Hamburglar, and a classic McDonald’s style.

McDonald’s is hoping lightening strikes twice with a limited series of shoes.

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Earlier this summer, the company suprised everyone with a pair cowboy boots.  Not just for water or gardening, these boots are made to adventure! Each pair is designed with a signature Crocskin texture, metallic disco desert embroidery details and an actual spinning spur on the back, which can be removed for practical use.  Only a limited amount of the cowboy boots were made and fashion and music sites had a field day with them.

Love ’em or hate ’em – Crocs are hear to stay.


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