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Here’s What You Need To Know About Baking With CBD

There are all sorts of CBD-infused foods on the market. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from baking your own treats.

CBD’s impact on the wellness industry has been, for better or worse, vast. The restorative and non-hallucinogenic compound has been called many things, including, but not limited to: a fad, the best thing that’s ever happened to patients who need pain relief, and one of the most profitable business ventures of the future.

While there are tons of CBD products and edibles out there, the FDA is still closely monitoring the compound. While this is annoying and confusing, it’s also a good opportunity to get creative, especially if you’re feeling like having a delicious brownie that will also relax you.

Here’s what you should know about baking with CBD:

How it works

Baking Tips
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CBD has been called non-psychoactive, which isn’t entirely accurate. While the compound won’t get you high, it will diminish some mental symptoms, like depression, anxiety and stress. There’s physical effects, which include pain management and the reduction of inflammation. There’s also evidence of the compound contributing to better sleep and in relaxing your nervous system after a particularly grueling week or day.

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It’s important to know that CBD remains a mystery, and that it can affect people in different ways. For some that means blissful calm, while for others it means the chance to sleep like a baby. Both sound great.

Baking it in

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If you plan to bake CBD into a cake, a brownie, or a savory dish, you need the compound to be extracted into some sort of fat. Full spectrum CBD tinctures are the best option for beginners.

When it comes to the amount of CBD you want to use, it all depends on your desired dosage. If you’re baking 6 cookies, then you should multiply that number with the dosage and use that amount of oil.

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The recommended dosage is murky at best, one that’s influenced by the fact that the FDA has not granted CBD an official serving size. It’s a trial an error process, but a good rule of thumb is to calculate the dosage according to your body weight. You can also use the CBD oil’s recommended serving per cookie or brownie.

While CBD can be incorporated into any sweet and savory recipe, it’s best to start off with something that you’ve done plenty of times before. Later, once you’ve had a few trial runs, feel free to try out new recipes and get creative.


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