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All She Wanted Was A Pepsi: Woman Busted For Allegedly Raiding Drake’s Fridge

With the possible exceptions of Kendrick Lamar and Future, Drake is the most popular rapper on the planet. Every album he releases immediately breaks streaming records, and he routinely sells out arenas around the world. But the truest sign of his international stardom is the fact that a literally thirsty fan allegedly broke into his Los Angeles house to drink some water and soda from his fridge.

The Associated Press reports that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says its deputies found 24-year-old Mesha Collins inside Drake’s home on Monday. She was allegedly discovered in a locked room, with opened water and soda bottles all around here. Nothing else was taken or disturbed in the home, according to the deputies.

Collins is being held on $100,000 bail for entering a residence with intent to steal the victim’s property.

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