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Fun Ways To Eat Your Favorite Cereal

Cereal. What started out as a Saturday morning cartoon companion has become a ubiquitous ingredient for anything that needs a pop of color, and hint of sweetness and a crunchy coating.

There are cereals for adults, cereal ice cream, and fast-food cereal shakes. Here are 9 more hacks to create a cereal that takes your favorite anytime meal to the next level.

Sure, it’s kind of a milkshake, but there’s no ice cream in it. Just blend a basic cereal, like Corn Pops, with a bit of sugar and some cold milk and voila! Or finely grind some healthier type of cereal, like bran flakes, into a fine powder and then add that to your regular fruit smoothie or sprinkle on top of your oatmeal.

2. Make Dessert Sushi

This may sound hardcore, but it’s rather easy. Just start making some Rice Krispies treats (melt some marshmallows with butter and add cereal), then portion off some “rice” and wrap it in some type of fruit leather or Fruit Roll-Ups and top with gummy candy.

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 3. Make Cereal Muffins

You can go either way with this recipe: add some bran flakes for a healthy breakfast, or sugar cereal for well-deserved treat. Toss in some brightly colored cereal, like Fruity Pebbles, Trix or Froot Loops, for a funfetti party in your mouth.

4. Make A “Cereal Milk” Milkshake

Take that leftover milk from your bowl of cereal and blend it with some ice cream for a cereal milk milkshake. It’s incredibly delicious and people pay big bucks for this stuff!

5. Make Cereal-Coated Frozen Bananas 

This is a total kids recipe, but any adult will love these, too! Simply skewer a banana, coat in yogurt, roll in your favorite cereal, then freeze and drizzle with (or dunk into) maple syrup before eating.

6. Coat Your French Toast 

Once you dip your slices of French toast into the eggwash, give them a nice roll in some Fruity Pebbles or similar cereal. Top with whipped cream and syrup and eat up! Look how easy it is to make a dessert sound “healthy” by adding the words “toast” and “cereal” to the recipe!

7. Make Tea

Yep. Froot Loops tea exists. The recipe involves pulverizing some cereal and stuffing it into a regular tea bag that’s been emptied. The bag dispenser may be the best part.

8. Make a Pie Crust

Replace graham cracker crumbs with your favorite cereal (Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Toast Crunch work great). It’s easy and it makes any pie taste better. If for no other reason, people will be trying to guess the “secret ingredient” forever.

9. Add Rice Krispies And Marshmallows To Your Brownies

The recipe involves sprinkling your brownie batter with marshmallows and then topping it with a mixture of Rice Krispies and peanut butter. You’ll never eat brownies any other way.


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