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7 Perfect Christmas Movies That Are Better When High

Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go: Movies are almost always better under an influence. Especially during the holidays, when there’s so many themed drinks and parties to go around.

But some are better than others. And now that the season is in full swing, you might be feeling a little down—totally normal, totally treatable with the help of cannabis if you so choose, but definitely conducive to vegging out with a movie marathon now and again.

These seven holiday movies will help get you in the spirit, and are so much better with a little bud on hand.

A Christmas Story

Apparently there are people left who have never seen A Christmas Story. Somehow, this cult-film classic has slipped under the cultural radar for some. How that’s possible, when fishnet leg lamps are sold everywhere, is beyond us. But if this is your first time watching A Christmas Story, you are lucky enough to view it in a time when getting high in your own home is easier than ever—so bake a pan of brownies and get cozy.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Twenty-three years later, Tim Burton’s stop-motion masterpiece holds up. Disney wanted to do a few sequels of it, in typical Hollywood milk-a-franchise-forever style, but Burton refused. Watch this one knowing it’s the rare instance of creative integrity winning over dollars in Hollywood.


Tread carefully with this one: Getting too blazed and watching Scrooged is a bad move, and will surely send you into an existential crisis about your past and future selves. Hitting the sweet spot, however, is recommended for maximum Bill Murray enjoyment.

Ernest Saves Christmas

With 80’s treasure John Cherry as the most obnoxious yet likeable character, this one’s a must-watch if only for the nostalgia feels. It just so happens that you can watch the whole thing on Youtube, lucky you:

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

We can’t forget about the Griswolds. They’ve taken us on a Vegas trip, a cross-country road trip, a European vacation, and a few spin-off adventures, but the Christmas one is a classic. Read up on some weird trivia, hit the bong, and pop in that VHS tape.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Think you’re too grown up for Muppets? Please. We need some silliness before this year closes its god-awful tab, and this one brings it.

Die Hard

This is undebatably a Christmas flick, but people find ways to debate it anyway. If you’re one of the Die Hard yule-deniers, give it another try high, and please report back on whether the whole thing is an ode to goodwill toward men. Except all the men Bruce Willis shoots. Not those men.


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