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Hooters Rebrands After Study Suggests That Millennials Are Not Into Boobs

You can add Hooters to the ever growing list of things that millennials have ruined because apparently they’re single handedly responsible for the stagnation of the restaurant’s sales. Why are they blaming millennials, you may ask? Because for some reason, “breastaurants” are becoming less popular among young people.

Hooters isn’t the only business that’s been affected; all sorts of family friendly restaurants where waitresses wear tiny outfits are reporting less sales.

Business Insider reports that Hooters has been focused on pleasing members of Gen X and that now they’re scrambling to satisfy other demographics, looking for different ways of luring more customers. Hooters has switched up their menu, emphasized their catering, and has even opened up locations where the waitresses are fully dressed — all with the purpose of rebranding themselves.

A study published on Pornhub reports that this boob aversion not only affects real businesses but also porn searches. Young adults between the ages of 18 to 24 are 19 percent less likely to look for breast oriented videos than other demographics.

Maybe the problem here isn’t the boobs. Maybe, since the novelty has worn off, it’s just not trendy anymore to eat chicken wings at a place where waitresses wear really tight shirts. Maybe it makes you feel a little exploitative and pervy. Young adults are well aware that Hooters doesn’t have the monopoly on chicken wings, so why not eat someplace else?


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