Here Are 5 Super-Expensive Liquors That Will Blow Your Holiday Budget

Just, wow.

Super-Expensive Liquors
Photo by Matthew Henry via Burst

Alcohol is always pretty pricey, especially when you compare it to other things available on markets and delis. Distilled spirits, such as the following, also have a much higher tax rates than good old beer and wine. Why? Because the world is unfair and doesn’t want you to have nice things. They also contain better ingredients and stuff.

There are all sorts of fancy spirits out there, but the following 5 take the lead in eccentricity and, we assume, delicious flavor.

Here are 5 super expensive spirit bottles that you won’t even believe exist. But they do:

Patrón en Lalique – $7,500

According to, there are only 299 bottles of this tequila available. It also comes in the world’s most beautiful bottle made from the best crystal company in France. Lalique is well regarded for specializing in building the world’s most beautiful and exclusive crystal decorations. We hope that the contents can measure up to the bottle. 

Bowmore 1966 – $30,000

This bottle of whisky has been aging for over 50 years and there are only 75 of them available in the world. Super exclusive.

Armand de Brignac Midas – $200,000

Owned by Jay-Z , obviously, this 30L bottle of champagne is painted in gold and is perfect for an all night millionaire rager. The standard size bottle is only worth 300 dollars, if you’re thinking of splurging a little or on impressing your date. We don’t judge.

The Dalmore 62 – $215,000

Known as the most expensive whisky in the world, this drink was finally released in 2012 after spending 62 years in the making. So much patience. There are only 12 bottles on the world, so maybe you can buy one and then sell it in a couple of years for double the price. Seems like a sound investment. It’s not like you have to be rich or anything. 

Diva Vodka – $1 Million

Like, why? What could possibly be in this vodka that’s worth a million bucks? It’s triple distilled, made with spring water, then filtered through charcoal and finally filtered through sand that was made from diamonds and gemstones. No, I didn’t just made that up. Also, the bottle is adorned with a lot of diamonds.

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