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Watch This Weed Company Spoof Awkward Prescription TV Ads

Advertisements from big pharmaceutical companies tend to be formulaic. They usually feature a soothing woman’s voiceover, footage of over-the-top fake joy, and innuendo of old people getting it on. This is why so often they’re ripe for parody by writers on SNL and the like. (Just watch the “Swiftamine” segment, a vertigo medicine for adults who tragically learn they love Taylor Swift.)

To announce their “Discover” cannabis delivery box, Briteside decided to follow in that spoofing tradition. Just like those drug commercials, this one might have you believing you have those vague symptoms described, though you’ll probably be laughing too.

“Sometimes life can be a little overwhelming,” says the voiceover. “Sometimes the weight of the world can be too much to bear. Sometimes you need to stop worrying and take a deep breath.

“Sometimes you need cannabis.”

The delivery service advertises users “choosing the experience you want,” and in exchange they’ll send you the “dankest dank” and “the real sticky icky.” Be warned, side effects may include “euphoria, increased appetite, uncontrollable giggle, elevated sensitivity to musical dopeness, and reduced anxiety.”

If that weren’t enough, the parody also ‘warns’ (in big scare quotes) that “tetrahydrocannabinol may also induce existential feelings of well-being and relentless optimism.”

Just in case you were worried this might actually be an SNL parody or random internet meme, Briteside “is a real company.” If curious of using the Oregon-based cannabis delivery company, you can learn more about Briteside here.

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