Friday, December 3, 2021
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JetBlue Asks People To Delete Their Instagram For Free Flights

JetBlue wants to offer interested customers the opportunity to fly with them free of charge for an entire year. The catch is, you’ll have to delete all of your Instagram photos to be able to participate. The connection between these two things? Yeah, I don’t see it either.

Through March 8, participants must set their profiles to private and clear all of their photos. Then, users must use JetBlue’s special tool to upload and edit a post with the hashtag #allyoucanjetsweepstakes.

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The contest announcement doesn’t explain things further, only letting participants know that, if they win, they’ll be able to upload photos that aren’t JetBlue related.

By March 9 the carrier will announce three winners, presumably those with the best or most creative Instagram posts, and award them with a year full of free flights. The question is, what about all those people who deleted their Instagram content over the prospect of free flights and were still not elected? Are they going to hate JetBlue forever? I would.

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Maybe JetBlue is trying to be cool and take advantage of our collective hatred of Facebook, who knows. Although we all love to complain about social media, our Instagram feeds have become digital photo albums, tracking special moments of our lives since the app was founded in 2010. It’s one of the longest running social media apps, with a steady and loyal base of users. JetBlue’s strange publicity stunt may be too tall an order for our social media driven world.

If you really want a chance at having those free flights, know that Instagram allows you to download all of your images. You can always upload them again later?


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