Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Joe Rogan Has Harsh Words For Corporate Marijuana

As one of the more synonymous and outspoken celebrities on cannabis we have, when Joe Rogan has a marijuana-related opinion, people listen. Rogan has invited conservative pundits like Steven Crowder and Ted Nugent onto the podcast, and inevitably debated cannabis legalization with them. He also smoked weed with Elon Musk, not that anyone remembers that.

On a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, the host discussed cannabis legalization with fellow comedian Joey Diaz. Referencing happenings in Canada and Ohio, Rogan slammed possible monopolies creeping out of the nascent industry. He worries about corporations taking over and squeezing out opportunities for regular folks to profit in the cannabis industry.

“So weed is gonna be legal, but only a couple of companies can grow it and monopolize?” Rogan said. “That is such a corruption, that’s like saying: you can have tomatoes, but we are the only ones that can grow these fucking tomatoes. Like why? It’s a fucking tomato! That’s a law against nature.”

“It’s legal or its not legal, otherwise we are in some weird dictatorship,” he added.

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Diaz, who is also a noted cannabis enthusiast and activist, also brought up Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s recent comments about legalizing cannabis for adult use in New York. Both comedians supported that happening, though Rogan took it one step further, saying that magic mushrooms should be legalized and a structure should be established for clinicals and medical treatment.

“It’s gonna be good for everybody,” Rogan said. “It’s gonna be good for capitalism, it’s gonna be good for people getting marijuana. As long as regular people can sell marijuana too.”

You can watch the comedians’ full discussion above.


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