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Watch Joe Rogan Get Into A Drunken Debate About Marijuana

If you like watching people argue on the internet, but wish they would yell directly at each other’s faces in real life more often than in the comment sections of websites, hold on tight because we have got the video interview for you.


On the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, #917, the comedian had Steven Crowder on as a guest. Crowder is a conservative talk show host and talking head, himself, and it’s fair to say Rogan’s brought him on for exactly the purpose that played out: Forty minutes of talking over each other about marijuana laws.

It’s important to know a few things, first: Rogan gets so salty throughout this debate, that he felt the need to apologize on Instagram later. He says he suggested they drink as “social lubricant” early in the chat and by the end of it, things got heated and he was drunk.

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Well, this one went off the rails for a while. First of all, I genuinely like Steven as a person, and although I might not agree with him about everything I think he's a good man. During the podcast we got into the subject of marijuana and by that time we (especially me) were quite a bit drunk and didn't exactly handle the conversation really well. Steven gets attacked online quite a bit, and it certainly wasn't my intention to have him on my show to argue with him. At the beginning of the show it seemed to me that we weren't being conversational as much as we were going off talking points so I suggested a few drinks as a social lubricant. We disagreed about weed, and judging by my personal level of regret after his reaction I'm sure I fucked up. I take 100% responsibility for it going off the rails, and I'm truly sorry if it upset any of you that listened to it or watched it. We managed to pull it back together at the end, but of course the shitty parts are all you or I will focus on for a while. My humblest and most heartfelt apologies. I do my best with these things but I, like all of us, am flawed.

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Second, Rogan’s not shy about his support of legal weed. He knows his shit when it comes to cannabis. He hosted the documentary The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, and was featured in Marijuana: A Chronic History and The Culture High.

Which is probably why Rogan leads Crowder, who claims to not have any strong opinions on legal weed, into a debate on the subject. What follows is an obnoxiously thorough combing-through of Crowder’s published statements and commentary on marijuana, most of which echoes the kind of outdated propagandist beliefs that the DEA formerly spread. And a lot of name-calling and gas-lighting out of Drunk Rogan.

Their argument wanders from the economy, to marijuana as a “cure-all,” to whether marijuana makes you “more of a moron,” to traffic fatalities and back again. It’s exhausting to watch, but good points arise, and if you’re into watching Joe Rogan berate a right-wing conservative for 40 minutes about marijuana, here it is in full:

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