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Learn How To Create Some Of ‘Seinfeld’s Classic Food Dishes

To say Seinfeld is a “show about nothing” is a misdirection. Seinfeld is a show about a lot of things. It focuses on such meaningless quotidian minutia we believe it’s a show about meaningless quotidian minutia—a.k.a. nothing.

But that’s a lie. It’s a highly intelligent show regarding how humans—specifically irritated New Yorkers—face the innumerable contrived annoyances modern society heaps upon our plates. These ideas manifest themselves across multiple themes, including a recurring struggle like food.

The show’s iconic “Chinese Restaurant” episode aside, the Sisyphean battle to acquire food in a city is one any millennial who has ever Favor-ed a meal more than $50 would still understand. Food is annoying because it is so delicious yet expensively fleeting.

Anyways, Seinfeld is full of such classic food moments that one YouTuber decided to recreate some of the series more well-known dishes. And yes—the Soup Nazi makes an appearance.

This is part one of Babish’s Seinfeld cooking series so be sure to check back soon for more meaningless quotidian minutia fun. Or something like that.

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