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Meghan Markle’s Sex Scenes Hidden From The Queen

Meghan: A Hollywood Princess is an biography that was published weeks before the royal wedding, taking advantage of the date to boost up the book’s ratings. Written by Andrew Morton, the book goes in-depth regarding Markle’s life story, exploring her parent’s marriage, the challenges she faced while growing up, and her rise to stardom.

There’s also a part in it where Morton explains that Prince Harry showed an edited version of “Suits” to the Queen, skipping out on all of Markle’s sex scenes.

On an interview with Fox News, Morton explained that Harry showed a condensed version of “Suits” to Prince Philip and the Queen, so that they could appreciate Markle’s work, but that he made sure to avoid including scenes where Markle’s character has sex with Patrick J. Adams. As if “Suits” were an HBO show and the sex scenes were super intense. They’re not.

Morton also said that he finds it amusing that Meghan’s raunchy scenes are on the internet and yet “she’s scrubbed clean her blog, which includes essays on female equality… She also got rid of her Instagram, which had some charming shots of her.” Maybe this is because Kensington Palace can’t control the Internet, and because royals have never had presence on social media? Just a thought.

Another aspect explored in the book is the fact that Markle has been an activist since she was young and that since the moment she met Harry she’s been stepping away from the spotlight. Morton believes that meeting and falling in love with the Prince has allowed Markle to do what she really wants to do, which is activism, especially when it comes to helping women and children.

Meghan: A Hollywood Princess is available for purchase on bookstores and on Amazon.


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