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Meme Of The Week: 2009 Vs 2019 Challenge Transforms Into A Way Better Meme

Can this challenge end already?

Illustration by Jennifer Ilett

The 10 Year Challenge has quickly become one of 2019’s most annoying things, at least when it comes to internet challenges. Thankfully, there are always saviors out there — those who take the challenge, see how dumb it is, and give it a comedic twist.

The original intent of the 10 Year Challenge was to show off how much people have changed in the past decade.  But what started out as a celebrity movement, quickly enveloped all sorts of users who were excited to upload a new selfie and reflect upon their glow ups. Of course, these people all look better in 2019, mainly because those who look worse than they did 10 years ago aren’t participating.

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The fun versions of the 10 Year Challenge come from users who maybe want to compare two versions of Gritty or different looking trash cans as a way of reflecting on the exhausting state of the world. They use funny transformations of actors or comparisons of photos to get their point across; they want to have a good time and make fun of people. Glow ups never looked so good:

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