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Meme Of The Week: Twitter Comes Up With Stupid Celebrity Names

Celebrities' real names can feel like a betrayal.

Twitter Comes Up With Stupid Celebrity Names
Illustration by Jennifer Ilett

You may think you know a celebrity, but you might not even know their real name. This feels particularly sucky when their name has become an identifier, having a sort of life of its own, like Brad Pitt, whose real name is William or Meghan Markle, whose real name is Rachel. The shock is almost unbearable. The point is, this is a thing that famous people do, creating names that better suit their image and that are more memorable than the ones that they were born with. Your feelings of betrayal don’t matter.

In order to cope with the feelings of loss, Twitter users have started creating “real” names for celebrities. A lot of rappers are involved, because their artistic names are just too fun to play with, but other celebrities make appearances too. Are these names real? Do they feel more legitimate than  so called celebrity “real” names? What is real anyways?

Check out some of our favorites below:

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