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Meme Of The Week: Internet Rips Apart Photos Of Disney’s ‘Aladdin’

Disney is planning to redo a large chunk of their classic animated movies, this time with real actors. Following the success of 2017’s Beauty and The Beast, the gigantic and slightly terrifying movie studio is now working on their live action versions of The Lion King and Aladdin. These movies have huge budgets, but that hasn’t stopped Disney from making Will Smith’s genie look awful.


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Instead of being our good ol’ blue genie, or at least something that resembles that idea, Will Smith’s version of the character looks like a man — a normal man, which is fine. The problem is that he has a little puff of hair that stands right in the middle of his bald head.

Aside from the fact that the look does no favors for Smith, people were surprised that the genie didn’t have some sort of CGI effect. The end result is a not so magical looking Smith. If you rubbed a lamp and he came out of it, you would honestly just laugh and walk away, but not before asking him to find you a “real” genie.

The internet has been vicious with these batch of promotional images, criticizing Smith’s looks and the fact that Aladdin is now wearing a shirt (Aladdin is topless, this is a fact that can’t be changed). The one thing that was praised was Jafar who, in this version, is hot and very different than what we were all expecting. Check out the best reactions from Twitter:

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Aladdin will be ready to mock in theaters by May 2019.


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