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Meme Of The Week: Decade-Old ‘Cry For You’ Becomes The Most Memeable Song

September’s “Cry For You” is one of those songs that takes you back in time. Initially released in 2005, it’s a song that came out during the big wave of electronic music, the one that lead to EDM (electronic dance music), which would then take over our lives. “Cry For You” was on Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart for three weeks during 2007 and even though it’s not one of the world’s best songs, it’s still pretty fun, with a catchy chorus that you’ll have a hard time shaking.

For some reason, everyone is listening to this song again in 2018, all because of a meme.

Although we don’t know who was the first person to create the “You’ll Never See Me Again” meme, different users throughout Twitter caught on pretty quickly, taking advantage of the song’s beat and the fact that we’re all familiar with it to make stupid and funny memes.

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By pairing a clip of the ridiculous music video (which somehow features dancing women on top of sound waves) with a really stupid fact or joke, Twitter users developed a meme that’s pretty funny and malleable. These memes don’t demand much thought; they’ll just make you laugh out loud if you’re in any way sensitive to stupid internet humor. Check out some of our favorites:

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