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Meme Of The Week: Kanye West And Drake Engage In Meme-Worthy Fight

It’s not 2018 if Kanye isn’t doing something exhausting and annoying. As it has happened repeatedly throughout the year, Kanye does something and the internet proceeds to respond, freak out, and process this information for the remainder of the week. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that 2019 provides some peace of mind for Yeezy and for ourselves.

The latest problem that’s been bothering Kanye includes Drake, who reportedly wanted to sample one of Kanye’s songs and Kanye said no. Long story short, one threatened the other, Kim tweeted about it, and I can’t bother to look up the rest of the story because I’m already bored.

The fight is silly and unnecessary, but it has provided prime entertainment for internet dwellers, who’ve created all sorts of memes from Kanye’s tweets and Drake’s blatant disregard of them. It’s really funny, check out some of our favorites:

We conclude this column by leaving you with the wise words of one Ariana Grande:

That’s right. Let’s just ignore Kanye, wish him all the best and let him scream into the empty black void of social media.


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