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Meme Of The Week: Kanye West And Drake Engage In Meme-Worthy...

The fight is silly and unnecessary, but it has provided prime entertainment for internet dwellers, who’ve created all sorts of memes from Kanye’s tweets and Drake’s blatant disregard of them.

Meme Of The Week: Kim Kardashian In Her Underwear Can Be...

Nothing rattles and unites the internet more than a Kim Kardashian meme.

Jay-Z Thinks This Prank Video Is Will Smith’s Best Work Ever

Will Smith isn’t a celebrity prone to giving discursive, wide-ranging interviews. So when one happens, it’s worth tuning in to hear the megastar’s thoughts and opinions.

Gossip: Kanye Denies Abusing Drugs; Blac Chyna Threatens Rob Kardashian With...

Kanye denies abusing Drugs; Blac Chyna threatens Rob Kardashian with million dollar Lawsuit