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Meme Of The Week: Proud Boyfriend Alex Rodriguez

The VMAs were long, sometimes fun, and mostly embarrassing, but the awards show is somehow still being discussed among fans and viewers who accidentally tuned in to MTV at the right time. Amid the thousands of awards that were given out Monday night, Jennifer Lopez received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, the most important award of the show, which featured a long presentation where she sang a mashup of her most successful songs. No one had a better time than J-Lo’s boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, who recorded every second of the event as if it wasn’t televised.

While the VMAs have become a sort of joke recently (does MTV even play music videos anymore?), the channel still knows how to broadcast an interesting show that’s sparks tons of conversations.

Producers of the awards show knew what people were after, cutting back and forth between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson and, most impressively, between a dancing J-LO and A-Rod, who wouldn’t stop recording bits of his bae’s performance.

The short clip became an instant meme, with thousands of people retweeting his reaction and adding in gifs and comments of their own. Check out our favorites:


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