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Meme Of The Week: Kim Kardashian In Her Underwear Can Be Photoshopped Into Any Scenario

Yeezy has gone viral, but not for the shoes.

Kim Kardashian Meme
Illustration by Jennifer Ilett

Nothing rattles and unites the internet more than a Kim Kardashian meme. Her crying memes are always welcome and can be used for a variety of situations. There was also the time earlier this year when, for some reason, people decided to photoshop Kim into a really large and fit version of herself known as Gym Kardashian or Swole Kim. It was amazing.

Now, thanks to an image uploaded to Kim’s Instagram account, people from all over the internet have united once more and created a new meme where she’s seen doing all sorts of activities while wearing her underwear and shoes. She’s also striking the world’s most awkward pose.

The picture above is an advertisement for Kanye’s new shoes. Despite the fact that the shoes are really famous and make an appearance in the image, what struck a chord with people is the fact that Kim is in her underwear, that she’s in bed, and that she also has this pose that’s completely unrelated to the freaking shoes. Who came up with this strange idea that’s begging to be memed forever?

With the most embarrassing memes comes the opportunity to display tons of creativity, and that’s what the internet did. Below, you’ll see Kim partaking in dozens of different activities that include running a marathon, spending some time with the toys from Toy Story, playing Twister, and more. Check it out:

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