Saturday, December 14, 2019
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Meme Of The Week: A Character From The Barbie Movie Goes Viral

A poorly animated blue and purple character from the Barbie movie is appearing on everyone’s timelines, no matter if they’re a fan of the franchise or not. The image shows a little guy called Bibble screaming with its arms raised. The original video is even trippier than the image.

The character appears on the Nickelodeon movie Barbie: Mermadia and, despite the fact the majority of internet users are unaware of the Barbie media franchise, this isn’t the first time that characters and moments from the show/movies have found some Internet fame.

While the Barbie franchise looks like it was animated from a decrepit computer, viewers have commented positively on the writing of the content, claiming that it’s fun and rewarding to watch for kids and adults alike. There were also those Barbie vlogs that went viral, which were surprisingly emotional for a talking doll.

The Bibble meme uses its emphatic little character to remind you of all those embarrassing times when you were little, and passionately sang songs that you didn’t understand.

Of course, this meme is nothing new or revolutionary. The idea of it has existed for a while, with people using different gifs and images to represent themselves as their emo singing tween version.

What’s cool about the Bibble meme is the fact that everyone decided that that one image of a blue and purple thing was the perfect representation of their embarrassing youth.

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