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Men Are Using iPhone’s Measure App To Take Pictures Of Their Penises

When executives at Apple got together to discuss Measure, the new app for measuring stuff, it’s possible at least one of the developers foresaw the app lending itself for measuring other items aside from furniture. In this day and age of internet hook-ups, nudes, and dick pics, it was only a matter of time before the iPhone joined in the party and guys started to measure their junk with the help of augmented reality.

Instead of pulling out a ruler or some measuring tape, Measure allows users to open up their cameras and take a picture of whatever it is they want to measure. By tapping on some endpoints, users are able to instantly find out measurements and all sorts of related data.

Despite this recent trend of taking dick pics with augmented reality apps, a tech blogger from Kirkville claims that Measure’s data is not very accurate, and that if you measure the same object twice, it gives you two different results, saying, “The Measure app is a good party toy, but little more, in its current state.”

Technology developments tend to boost nude pics and internet sexual exchanges with the New York Post noting that since Airdrop became mainstream, men have been sending nude pictures more often. Is Measure another game changing app? Only time will tell.

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