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8 Of The Best Celebrity Marijuana Brands

As cannabis spreads across the U.S. like wildfire, it’s getting cooler, just in different ways. Cannabis has been underground, in-the-know cool since the sixties, when only squares didn’t partake. Back then, the only real celebrities promoting weed use were Cheech and Chong, way before either of them had become brand bearing names.

Now pot’s cool in a mainstream, partially legalized and highly regulated way. It’s cool across the board and celebrities are jumping feet first into the Green Rush. Here’s a breakdown of celebrity driven brands and what sets them apart, aside from a prominent name.

Tommy Chong Still, Of Course


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Circling back to Tommy Chong, he’s rebranded his original line of bongs and pipes into “Chong’s Choice,” which in legal states like California offers pre-rolls, custom flower jars that of course include a high grade measure of flowers, cartridges and edibles, which are all, though great, pretty par for the course. Another product, however, is the 40mg THC Breath Strip, which the website says, “Chong’s Choice has chosen this method as one of its initial product offerings to define our commitment to quality medicine in a cutting edge environment.”

The Bob Marley Estate


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Rita Marley and her 11 children with Bob Marley are also natural picks for top celebrity estates. The Marley name carries with it the legacy of the legendary reggae musician and everything he represented, most of all love and positivity. That essence is crafted into the Marley Natural brand’s products, like pre-rolls, ganja, smoking implements and soon to come hemp salves and legal herbal remedies. In Jamaica herbal remedies have been perfected over generations and the fact that the Marley family is sharing some of the recipes with the world is pretty freaking cool.

Willie’s Reserve Resonates


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Willie Nelson is another obvious celebrity to be on the Cannabis branding train. He already pretty much was a cannabis brand before even entering the market. His gentle, mellow manner may mean more melodious moods, with his flower, vape, edible and accessory lines. There are hard candies to suck on and strains like “Tractor Beam” available at select locations, somehow bringing to mind his affinity for farmers, especially of the cannabis variety.

Take A Hit From Mike Tyson


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The former heavyweight boxer “Iron” Mike Tyson broke ground on Tyson Ranch back in April, which became a cannabis farm located around 100 miles outside of Los Angeles. Not only does he have 20 acres of master grower quality cannabis, the compound also proposes that they’ll offer an “edibles factory” as well as an amphitheater and an elite campsite area. This definitely sets the Tyson Ranch apart, as it will be a cannabis resort of sorts as well as a producing farm and processing facility.

Whoopi Goldberg Gets In On the Action


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Whoopi Goldberg’s line of products, Whoopi & Maya, are made especially for women experiencing period related discomfort. The topical rub is a miracle salve for cramps (and works on a slew of other maladies as well) and the savor chocolate is delicious on fruit or melted into a hot chocolate. The relax tincture is a fast acting remedy for when you just can’t get out of a mood and the soak bath crystals, especially the lavender and signature Amber Moon scents, are utterly soothing and relaxing with all specially and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Trailer Park Buds, Eh!


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The Trailer Park Boys (Ricky, Julian and Bubbles) love their weed on the hit Canadian show about a ragtag group of friends all living in the same trailer park and causing trouble in pretty much every show. They’re newest preroll and strain venture with OrganiGram goes well beyond comedy, however. “Our recreational brand strategy incorporates the best of what we know about our current and potential customers, the industry and opportunities for growth, and the production of our premium products,” Greg Engel, OrganiGram’s CEO, said in a statement.

Melissa Etheridge’s Cannabis Infused Wines


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As the award winning singer told VICE, “Cannabis and wine have both been around for thousands of years,” so why not combine the two for a truly relaxing experience? Make sure you have your car service app up to date before imbibing in this combo, or enjoy it at home, but be sure to pair it with your favorite foods and, if you’re only having a glass or two, perhaps your favorite strain as well.

David Crosby’s Cannabis Brand Coming Soon!


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“People have been asking me to do a quality Cannabis brand and with legalization expanding, now is the right time” said the legendary David Crosby from his ranch in California. And so in July of this year he announced plans to partner with “a leading cannabis company.” What that will exactly entail, aside from being “The Mighty Croz,” will be seen in time, but, as with all of the aforementioned celebs, it’s no far stretch this iconic musician is dipping into the cannabis marketplace. It just makes sense.


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