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Men With Fart Fetishes Explain Themselves

Three men spoke up anonymously and answered questions regarding their fetishes, which, in this case, are farts. No, this is not a joke, we wish it was though.

The interview was conducted by Vice (surprising no one), and this particular fetish is known as eproctophilia. The group of men consisted of a straight single man, a straight married man, and a single gay man, and they described their fetish as simply being turned on by farts, even though each one experienced it in a different way. Some like to fart on their sexual partners and others like to be farted upon. I want to bleach my eyes now.

Experts believe that this fetish develops when someone is exposed to farts in a special environment, where their emotions are heightened. One of the men who was interviewed recalled his early memories with farts, and mentioned how strange he felt when watching The Lion King, particularly that scene where Pumbaa farts and is humiliated by the other animals. What. The. Hell.

I remember I wasn’t allowed to even use the word ‘fart’ when I was little, so that probably made it feel more taboo or forbidden to me.

Sure thing, dude. He claims that he hasn’t lived out his fantasies, and that he sometimes watches videos of women farting, either fully dressed or wearing suggestive clothing.

One of the most interesting stories from these interviewees comes from a straight guy from Brazil, who claims he can only get turned on by watching men fart, and that he had his awakening when a male friend decided to fart in his face as a prank. Something sounds off there.

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