Saturday, September 19, 2020
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MoviePass Is Forcing Subscribers To Join Again With A New Plan

The latest subscription plan in MoviePass’ long string of poor decisions is one that forces former subscribers to rejoin the service without even asking first. It prompts a lot of questions. Principally, how is this even legal?

After a truly awful couple of months where subscribers and internet users got to roast the company, MoviePass has been forced into several uncomfortable situations, making it very difficult to watch a movie even if you’re paying for your subscription in time.

MoviePass’ current subscription plan allows users to watch three movies a month for the price of $9.95. While that sounds like a good deal on paper, the subscription plan used to include one movie a day for the same price, and now, the system rarely works and it makes going to the movies very difficult.

Mashable reports that prepaid subscribers who decided to quit the service are now receiving a message claiming that they’re part of a special testing group. According to the message, this program allows users to watch one movie a day; the catch is that they’ll be charged $9.95 a month unless they opt out by Oct 5th.

The good part about all of this is that MoviePass is trying out an unlimited subscription plan, which is the main reason why people were using MoviePass in the first place. The bad part is that it might be too late for people to care.


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