Netflix Announces New Marijuana-Themed Competitive Cooking Show

Think 'Chopped' or 'Cupcake Wars,' but with weed.

Netflix Announces New Marijuana-Themed Competitive Cooking Show
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It appears Netflix hasn’t given up on producing cannabis content. Though the streaming company canceled the marijuana-themed sitcom “Disjointed” following its disastrous reception, you’ll be able to binge a new marijuana-themed show called “Cooking On High” this June.

Billed as the first competitive cannabis cooking show, “Cooking On High” will feature 10 chefs crafting the tastiest and most innovative dishes possible for four celebrity judges. The caveat: All the dishes must include marijuana. Not only that, but the judges have to feel the effects, if you get what we mean. Basically, it’s a “Chopped” and “Cupcake Wars” hybrid, but everyone’s getting high.

The program will be hosted by comedian and YouTuber Josh Leyva, who rose to online fame thanks to his sketches, dance videos, and goofy challenges. He’ll be joined by Ngaio Bealum, a fellow comedian and cannabis activist who co-hosted “Cannabis Planet.” It’s a slightly odd pairing as Bealum, the token “weed guy”, is more than 20 years Leyva’s senior.

Other than that, not much is known about the show. No trailers or celebrity judges have been revealed. Whatever mixture of cannabis and culinary skills the show plans to achieve remains up in the air. “Cooking on High” premieres June 22 and will be rated 18 and over for obvious reasons.

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