Friday, June 21, 2024

No One Will Shut Up About The New Bachelor Being A Virgin

It’s a new year and a new bachelor, this time a 26-year-old hot guy who’s a virgin. After the show’s three hour season premiere last night, it’s obvious that the host and the 30 contestants can’t make their peace with this fact.

Since before the season’s release, ABC has been capitalizing on Colton Underwood’s virginity, mentioning this fact four times in the minute-and-a-half season trailer. It’s one of the season’s biggest plot points and producers are betting that it’ll be the biggest hook.

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While “The Bachelor” isn’t a show known for its nuance and awareness when it comes to gender politics, it’s still shocking to see the amount of energy that producers have spent on letting viewers know how weird it is that Colton is a virgin by choice. “I’m not waiting for a ring, I’m not waiting for marriage, I’m waiting to be in love, I’m waiting for it to feel right,” he explained on the season premiere.

The first three hours of the beloved reality TV show dove deep into the reasons behind Underwood’s virginity, with host Chris Harrison claiming that a man who’s a virgin isn’t really a man.

Harrison: “How much of the negativity and the ‘he’s not ready’ has to do with your virginity?”

Uderwood:  “That’s sort of the stigma around being a virgin. Oh, he’s not romantic. Oh, he’s not going to be a good bachelor—”

Harrison: “He’s not a man.”

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Although there have been other virgins featured in “The Bachelor” franchise, this is the first time the protagonist holds the coveted/much maligned role. Fans of the reality show should get ready and build up their tolerance for virgin jokes that were funny when they were in high school.


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