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Overly Affectionate Chicken Owners Warned Against Dressing Up Birds For Halloween

Nothing kills a Halloween buzz quicker than salmonella. A certain strain that’s resistant to most antibiotics is on the loose in dozens of states, including  California, Texas, Nebraska, and Louisiana. And it’s seeping into holiday frivolity.

And because salmonella is spread by touching raw chicken, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is asking people not to dress their chickens up in Halloween costumes this year.

You know who you are.


For Stephanie Morse, her pet chickens are “part of my family.” She not only lets them roam free in the backyard, she likes to put cute little outfits on them during the holidays. Needless to say, she’s crushed by the current CDC warning.

“Their bare skin is exposed, I just like to put a sweater on them to keep them warm and comfortable, and some of them have more personality, and it’s good,” she told KNOE News.

Besides skipping costumes, the CDC is asking people not to cuddle or pet their chickens to prevent exposure to salmonella. But Morse is not deterred.

“It’s just about hand hygiene, after you touch them, when you go inside make sure you just wash your hands, and you watch where you step,” she told KNOE News.

Outside of chicken cos play, the CDC also suggests wiping down surfaces that have come into contact with raw meat in general. And if you haven’t already learned this, a separate cutting board is the way to go when hacking into a bird. And also, you know, cooking it thoroughly.

So, to reiterate. Halloween costumes, good. Halloween costumes for your chicken friend, bad.

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