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People Are Freaking Out Over This Dog’s Human Face

If it’s true that pet owners begin to resemble their pets at some point, then this dog’s human must look like a grown-ass man.  Yogi is a Shih Tzu-poodle mix that has the body of a cuddly pup and the face of your nightmares.

Yogi actually belongs to a lovely non-bearded faced woman named Chantal Desjardins, who says she didn’t notice the dog’s human face until someone pointed it out to her. Really, Chantal? She tells PEOPLE she thinks Yogi looks like a fresh-faced Nicolas Cage. Again, really, Chantal?

Twitter is even getting in on the guessing game, naming everyone Jake Gyllenhall to Topher Grace and Paul Rudd.

“I’m kinda turning into Yogi’s manager,” Chantal told PEOPLE, adding that she is already imagining the dog’s future celebrity life: “I think [he] would be a talk show host. Maybe like Dr. Phil. According to people, he has piercing eyes.”

She’s right. Reddit users were quick to point out that the eyes have it.

Desjardin says she got Yogi about a year ago from a local breeder and says he has an 8-year-old sister named Darla, who may be jealous of all the attention he’s getting.

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