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PETA Mocked After Suggesting Ridiculous New Versions Of ‘Anti-Animal’ Idioms

Sometimes it’s really hard to remember that PETA stands for valuable stuff. Not because animal rights aren’t important (they are), but because the company is sometimes eclipsed by their silly and borderline stupid decisions.

On Tuesday, they posted a hilarious chart that provides different versions of what they call “anti-animal” language, which they claim to be rooted in “speciesism.” Their campaign includes changing expressions like “two birds one stone” to “feed two birds with one scone.”

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These types of tweets have become PETA’s brand, a sort of blanket approach towards animal rights that’s ham-fisted and only results in everyone mocking the company for long stretches of time. PETA’s unwillingness to be chill about things more often than not damages their purpose, making them targets of ridicule instead of reminding people that, hey, they have actually done good stuff for animals.

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Keep doing you, PETA.


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