Saturday, October 1, 2022

Twitter Users Outraged After Company Announces It’ll Delete The ‘Like’ Button

Twitter has gone through several stages of change regarding their “like” button. Initially called the “favorite” button, the feature was represented as a little star, and it was used as a placeholder for tweets you wanted to remember or links that you thought were worth your time. In 2015, the star icon changed to a heart and the word “favorite” was swapped for “like.”

Per The Telegraph, CEO Jack Dorsey said at a Twitter event recently that the company is considering getting rid of the “like” button entirely in order to “incentivize healthy conversation.” This made a lot of Twitter users angry.

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The “like” button is a simple feature, one of the few that Twitter has, allowing users to communicate with strangers in a way that’s less invasive than personally tweeting at them or sending a DM. It’s also a simple way of letting someone know that you enjoy their content.

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It’s funny that Twitter’s changes are always so inconsequential, such as expanding the character limit of Tweets and swapping out the word “favorite” for “like.” Helpful solutions such as preventing bugs, bullying, and the spread of hateful content are still not important enough, or are maybe too complicated and time consuming for the company.



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