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Plastic Surgeons Are Sculpting Belly Fat Into Abs

Plastic and cosmetic surgeries have been around since the early years of medicine, so you can’t be that surprised to learn that specialists have discovered a way to sculpt abs out of belly fat. It was only a matter of time.

Researchers from the University of Miami have developed this new method of plastic surgery called abdominal etching. According to the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, abdominal etching is similar to power-assisted liposuction, utilizing the same tools in order to sculpt the patient’s layers of abdominal fat and accentuate the natural muscle lines of the abdomen. Patients can specify the look of their abs, choosing ones with soft definition or ones that look chiseled. Hip lines can also be reduced and defined in the procedure.

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Despite all of this knowledge, the surgery is no miracle worker, and results work best when people lead active lifestyles. The original study was conducted on 50 patients who were in great shape, eating healthily and working out regularly. They agreed to have the surgery because they had pockets of fat that they had trouble getting rid of.

Surgeons explain that the post surgery process is long, involving the use of foam dressings for several weeks in order to preserve the abs and making regular visits to the doctor. Also, workouts need to be ongoing in order to maintain the surgery’s results.

We all know the difference between fat and muscle. The question is, are these abs poke-proof?

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