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6 Pop-Culture Food Costumes For Halloween

Choosing a Halloween costume can be tricky. Simplicity and comfort often win out over elaborate creations. But we all still want to look decent. For most of us, we really just want to get by with a look that says, “I tried” and “Hey, at least my costume is relevant.”

Here are six suggestions for food costumes that let people know that even if you aren’t the best at dressing up, you sure know your 2016 pop-culture references:

1. We’ll start this list with the Queen of 2016 pop-culture references: Lemonade
No reason to dress like the actual beverage or a lemon with a straw. A yellow-clad Bey will do just the trick. The secret to pulling off this costume is all in the “I woke up like this ” expression, which makes this an attractive option.

If you want to be Slutty Lemonade, you can don a pair of booty shorts and go as the demure Amy Schumer version.

2. Cake by the Ocean
This earworm by Joe Jonas’s new band DNCE is actually a bad translation for “sex on the beach,” but regardless, it’s another reason to dress like food this Halloween. All you need is a blue shirt with some waves and a piece of cake. If you don’t want to hold a piece of cake all night (’cause you need to make room for candy corn), you can always wear a photo of the band Cake superimposed on an ocean backdrop.

But don’t get too  literal, like this fangirl. You’ll need to leave the ocean at some point, and then it will just look like you have weird food issues.

3. Mindy Lahiri’s sweet tooth
Once you get The Mindy Project character’s wardrobe down, all you need to complete the look is her favorite pastry — a bear claw. Bonus: nothing soaks up a good round of drunk-or-treating like a few bear claws.


4. Brangelina’s last meal 
Or at least the last public photograph of them, which shows the couple enjoying a meal two months before they announced their split.

5.  Carol with cookies
The Walking Dead‘s mama bear has taken a domestic turn this season. And nothing brings viewers more joy during one of the gory episodes than OG Carol Peletier in the kitchen, baking treats for the neighbors. All you need is a pair of mom jeans, tennis shoes and a little cardigan, accessorized with a tray of cookies and a gleam in the eye that says, “You best hope I don’t run out of all-purpose flour.”


Tell Tales Online

6. Statements released by Tic Tac and Skittles 
While everyone else will be wearing orange Tic Tac and Skittles costumes this year — two candies embroiled in political drama by Trump and his progeny — you can go as the responses the respective companies released in defense of their good name.

On the front:”Skittles are candy. Refugees are people.”

On the back:

It might be a little wordy, but don’t worry: nobody reads on Halloween.
Posted By: Julien Perry


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