Thursday, March 23, 2023

Recaps: ‘Grow Op’ Episodes 1-3 Are Super Funny

What happens when the government grants a tier-3 cannabis grow license to an illicit marijuana dealer? What happens when a bon vivant like Kevin suddenly becomes a ‘legitimate’ businessman? What will this process look like?

Grow Op is a web series for those who are winging it.

Episode 1 – I Wanna Make A Reality TV Show

The first episode of the series introduces us to our main character and to the idea of developing a reality TV show of someone who doesn’t seem all that interested in participating. The opening moments give you a little bit of background on marijuana and how perspectives on the drug have changed, increasing the amount of users and making it a possibility for the legal cannabis industry to be worth over 30 billion dollars in the near future. Here we’re introduced to Crispin, a renowned figure in the cannabis industry, and to Charles, a filmmaker and weed lover who wants to document the ever expanding business of Cannabis. The snazzy cutting and comedic narration make the series an interesting watch, even if you’re not at all interested in the business of marijuana. Crazily enough, Grow Op seems more concerned with the people behind the plant than with the plant itself. The access that Charles has also provides interesting pieces of information for all kinds of viewers, giving you a deeper look into this giant business that’s only just beginning.

Episode 2 – Kevin’s Life Is Kinda Awesome

This episode introduces us to Kevin, a marijuana dealer whose life changed abruptly the minute marijuana was legalized and started popping up everywhere. Kevin introduces an interesting conflict to the series, showing us something that most people don’t even talk about: The “bad side” of the legalization of marijuana and the “victims” of this radical change. By giving us access to his child support issues and the fact that he’s almost broke, we sympathize with Kevin. It’s hard not to feel bad for a guy whose business model changed abruptly and who now has to try to figure out ways to sell his usual stuff for a much lower price. The episode also explains the types of marijuana licenses that are distributed, which change depending on the state you’re in and are super hard to get. In Kevin’s case, he lucked out and got one. Now the question is, what can he do with it?

Episode 3 – Smells Like…

The third episode brings back Crispin and his discomfort with the fact that Charles wants to follow him around, forcing him be the star of his reality web series. The comedic banter between them and their differing opinions make for fun viewing, but the episode also provides some interesting information from the minds of cannabis users who live in legalized states. Charles explains that real weed lovers still want to get their marijuana the old fashioned way, with their trusty dealer, due to the fact that it’s more accessible and you don’t have to deal with any of the new dispensaries’ obstructions. Kevin and Crispin meet, and their differences are clear from the get go. It’s an interesting encounter between the promising future of the marijuana business, and with the past illegitimate version of it, which will never ever be the way it was.



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