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Replace Your Favorite Alcoholic Drinks With These Cannabis Equivalents

Alcohol consumption is on the decline among millennials, and while some cite health and expense, others are replacing their cocktails with cannabis. But what if, while you still love cannabis, you’re still fond of the taste and experience your favorite spiked beverage offers?

Just as there are a multitude of ways to partake of weed, there are many ways to consume alcohol. Below are some popular libations and possible weed replacements.


This sweet, citrusy frozen cocktail is a classic good times go-to drink that’s refreshing, sweet and leisurely. Likewise, a fragrant, citrusy preroll is easy to pick up and enjoyed at a relaxed pace.

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The Canadian cinnamon-flavored whiskey is cinnamon-flavored whiskey that is smooth and sweet that, despite its candy-like properties is no lightweight at 66 proof. If you’re looking to “ignite the nite” with cannabis, go with a portable dab pen, which is deceptively potent in a small package, just like Fireball shooters.


Photo by Vincenzo Landino via Unsplash

Rosé wines have become popular as of late; the versatile vino pairs well with all kinds of food, and is pleasurable on its own. These pink wines have hints of strawberries, honeydew, rose petals, often with slightly peppery and vegetal notes on the finish. If you’re the “rosé all day” type, a high CBD vaporizer with isolated terpenes will likely hit the spot.

Dad Beer 

These stalwarts of the beer world are the brews that hardworking dads grab from the fridge and crack open in front of the TV. Low ABV (alcohol by volume) lagers like Budweiser and Pabst Blue Ribbon are the no-frills, easy drinking beverages fathers have been quaffing since they were swiping cans from their dad’s stash. Likewise, a dad smoke is smooth, light, classic and uncomplicated. That calls for a hand rolled joint filled with some outdoor indica.

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Single Malt Scotch, Neat

A sophisticated drink, these spirits are not meant to be slammed back nor are they for the novice drinker. Scotches are sipped so as to enjoy the smoky and complex flavors containing warm hints of vanilla, pears and oak, and are sometimes enjoyed with a cigar. For a similar cannabis experience, roll a blunt using quality wraps and top shelf herb.


Photo by Natasha Kapur via Unsplash

If you scoff at “macros” and seek only the best in craft brews, especially hop-heavy India Pale Ale (IPA) style beers with high ABV, dabs might be for you. A dab rig not only delivers a clean tasting punch, but the citrus and spicy flavors in a dab hit approximates the IPA taste profile, while the rig signals you’re quite the connoisseur.

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Tequila Body Shots

A sure way to make drinking a bit more intimate, your friend becomes part of the garnish to your tequila shot as your lick salt off their skin and smooch for that lime chaser. For a comparable sensual cannabis experience, grab a bottle of infused topical creams and rub it onto your sweetheart’s skin.

Popov Vodka

Whether mixed, poured, or snorted straight out of the bottle, Popov is the drink for those that don’t waste money on small batch, vapor distilled fanciness. For the equivalent cannabis experience, grab an empty aluminum can and fashion yourself a carbed pipe, because a free can and some DIY is cheaper than a pack of papers.


Rainy Weather Cocktails

The equinox is upon us, so here are some rainy weather cocktails. Hope you "fall" in love with these autumn drinks!


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