Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Research: Dolphin Sex Is Twisty And Super Complicated, But Looks Like Fun

Have you ever wondered how marine mammals have sex while managing to stay afloat in the water? It’s not as simple as it sounds, and female dolphins play a very important role when it comes to the moment of copulation, even having the ability to block out the males’ sperm. These female mammals have to keep sea water out of their uteruses, so obviously, nature has got their backs. A group of researchers set out to discover how this happens and how their bodies work.

Dara Orbach, a postdoctoral from Dalhousie University, expressed that a lot of information is known about male mammals’ genitalia and their role in sex. This isn’t the case with female mammals, and only recently have scientists discovered that their genitals are more complex than they expected. New research has proven that these females have a big role when it comes to sex, and that depending on their species they can be more cooperative or challenging. It’s been discovered that marine mammals, like whales and dolphins, have twisty genitals that helps them have sex in their natural habitats, sealing their bodies and uteruses from water.

This is the part where things get weird: Firstly, scientists gather different kinds of dolphins and marine mammals that have died from natural causes and create molds made out of their vaginas with silicon, so they can understand their shapes better, and how they function. Afterwards, they freeze the vaginas so they can be used later for experiments. As for the mammal’s penises, they pump them with saline so they’re erect, and then they insert them into the frozen vaginas. All of this process allows scientists to understand how this type of sex works and how the different body parts react to each other. The researchers then perform a CT on the final result, that gives them an even better understanding of the inner workings of the whole thing. 

The final results of the research haven’t been released yet, but a lot of new information has been gathered on the matter. Also, if you want to have nightmares forever, you can Google dolphin penis. You’re welcome.

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