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Scientists Just Discovered A ‘Massive Void’ Inside The Pyramid Of Giza

The pyramid of Giza is the largest pyramid in Egypt. Historians and experts believe it was built around 2560 BC in honor of the pharaoh Khufu. It’s 2017, and experts on the matter only just discovered that there’s a massive void within the pyramid that’s as large as an NBA basketball court. What does that say about our detective skills?

Pyramids have long been the source of interest and study for us, being mysterious and dark and providing us with curiosity, wonder, and a million of hidden possibilities. Since the 60’s researchers and historians have used different kinds of imaging technologies to map the insides of the pyramids. The Huffington Post reports that Muon imaging was the technology responsible for uncovering the hidden chamber within Giza, located just on top of the Grand Gallery as a way of relieving weight. That’s what researchers think at least. The Grand Gallery was discovered a long time ago, and it’s a passageway between the King’s and the Queen’s Chambers, which has no murals or decorations whatsoever.  

The discovery of this ancient, vast, and empty space was achieved by the collaboration of Scan Pyramids project and physicists from Japan and France, who placed detectors and monitored the pyramid’s activity for several months. These advances in technology suggest that we’ll soon discover more things regarding pyramids, which is as exciting as it is scary. We’ve seen The Mummy and we’re not all that thrilled to discover other massive voids in ancient and magical places.


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