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Someone Seriously Created A Bitmoji Bible

The time has come when religion gets the Bitmoji treatment.

The Bitmoji Bible, developed by Daniel Eckler, is a series of Bitmoji icons that illustrate some of the Bible’s most famous stories like David and Goliath, Adam and Eve, and Jesus crawling through the floor on his search for coffee. Some liberties from the original text were taken.

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Eckler spoke with Mashable and explained the purpose of this project, which he co-created.

“Today’s children are more likely to read a text message than a book. Given the Bible has been translated into more than 3000 languages, I thought it should be translated into one of the most popular contemporary languages,” he says.

He explains that while the series of Bitmojis are meant to educate kids, adults will hopefully see these icons from a more humorous place. Eckler says that lately he’s been exploring Catholicism and found passages in the bible that transform complex myths and ideas into digestible stories.

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The Bitmojis are very simple, sometimes telling an entire biblical story through a single icon. It’s unlikely that a kid will ever be able to experience the bible through Bitmojis, but it’s still a funny idea. In truth, the weird existence of a Bitmoji Bible is enough of a selling point for me.

You can check out the entire list of Bitmojis on the Bitmoji Bible’s website.


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