Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Survey: Nearly Half Of Us Would Rather Have A Clean House Than Sex

A clean house or a romp in the sack. Which would you prefer? If you’re like the majority of those who participated in a new study, you’d rather have a shiny home.

A recent survey found that more than 44% of people would choose to have a clean house over having sex. In fact, these people would prefer to live with their parents over the prospect of living in a messy home. If you think about it, this thinking makes some sense since cleanliness is a trait that affects many aspects of a person’s appearance and mentality.

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The survey, conducted by Decluttr, aimed to find out how the state of a person’s home affects their sex life; it turns out, it affects it a lot. Results show that 50% of participants were more likely to have sex with their partners if they had completed their household chores. Sixty percent considered a tidy bedroom to be enough of an incentive for sex.

Cleanliness might not be at the top of our minds when we first meet someone and are considering their attractiveness, but it’s a trait that can quickly become a deal breaker for many. “When it comes to dating, Americans are hesitant to continue a relationship with someone whose household isn’t organized with 40% of respondents reporting that they’re likely to end a relationship with someone who has a cluttered and/or dirty home,” explains Decluttr via press release.

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Although cleanliness is not something we naturally equate with sex appeal, there are few things more off-putting that a messy and dirty home. People who are content in messy homes and settings have been linked with traits like anxiety, depression and lack of focus and productivity. Setting aside a few minutes each day to pick things up and do your dishes can do a lot for your health, like boosting your cognitive functions and making you feel good about yourself.


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