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The 4 Richest UK Celebrities Under 30 In 2017

Hello from the other side, where British celebrities are not only rich and famous, but also young. Every year, the Sunday Times culls together a list of the richest families and individuals in the United Kingdom.

The top of the list is filled with very important people that you probably have never heard of. So instead we’re limiting the results to only include celebrities under 30. This is a more fun list full of kids you’ve definitely heard of.

Without further ado, the five richest UK celebrities:

1. Adele (£132m)

All of her albums have been global-charting, smash records. At a time when every celebrity focuses themselves into niche markets, Adele soars with universality. Everyone knows her and almost no one has a bad thing to say about her. Her talent is just as recognized by bougie, juice-cleansing soccer moms as it is misanthropic hipster bloggers.

During her 121-date Adele Live tour, the singer was pulling in more than £500K a night. According to The Sun, she “owns a plush, new £4 million mansion in Sussex, a £5.4 million LA Mansion, a £5.65 million London mews house and a £5 million seaside home in Hove.”

How’s that for investments?

2. Daniel Radcliffe (£78m)

Here’s the wizardry way to make money, kids—literally become Harry Potter. The British actor was well-loved for playing The Boy Who Lived in the Harry Potter film adaptations, and he was well-reward, too.

Back in 2000, Daniel Radcliffe’s parents were savvy enough to establish a company they could invest his cash in. That’s why Radcliffe continues to rake in money from his wizarding days. Not to mention all the royalties he makes from future media licensing deals and the like.

The other way to make a lot of money? Play Hermione Granger. While Emma Watson isn’t as wealthy as Radcliffe, her star has shone brighter in their post-Harry Potter days.

Whereas Radcliffe has leaned into offbeat artistic roles like Swiss Army Man and playing Rosencrantz in a revival of Tom Stoppard’s classic Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Watson continues to play massive, star-defining roles. She was most recently Belle in Disney’s live adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, and she starred in Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, which grossed $362 million at the box office.

In other words, the witch isn’t doing so bad herself.

3. Harry Styles (£56m)

It was only so long before we’d see a member of One Direction on this list. The group’s leader and popular star hasn’t missed a stride since One Direction broke up a few years back—don’t worry about the rest of the group, they round out the top 10 of richest UK celebrities under 30.

But Styles is boosted thanks to his trending solo career unleashed on his self-titled debut. Don’t forget his nascent acting career, as seen in the summer’s biggest blockbuster Dunkirk.

4. Ed Sheeran (£52m)

The singer-songwriter is known for his shabby, everyman style, but his persona doesn’t match his bank account. Like Adele, Ed Sheeran dominates the pop charts while maintaining a critical appreciation for his tunes.

His recent ÷ album has earned old Ed around £47K a day while he was earning about £700K a gig for his 18-month world tour. Not bad, huh?


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